Horses and Chariot for Wedding

Weddings are our specialty!! We have several top quality carriages to choose from, as well as a custom made Cinderella carriage! Included in our wedding package we decorate our carriages with your choice of our floral arrangements as well as a "Just Married" or "Just Hitched" sign. Our horses are safe, healthy and well-groomed, with many colors to choose from. Our drivers will dress in formal attire, and we have several various colored tuxedos to choose from as well. We require a one hour minimum for weddings and all special events. If your event extends over one hour we do offer multiple hour discounts. We also provide multiple carriage discounts as well.


Hire a Horse for the wedding

  • Impress the bride on the big day. Invade the wedding venue along with your wild baratis dancing to the tune of dhol.
  • Come to the venue like a prince on the horse with dancing baratis and endless music.
  • Our well trained horses will take you safely to the bride.
  • All the traditional finery used for decorating our HORSE is the actual thing which has been used since ages in India for Royal weddings.
  • It's a beautifully embroidered red and golden cloth outfit that perfectly complements your turban, sehra (veil), sherwani (long jacket), churidar (tightly fitting pyjamas) and Punjabi jutti (traditional footwear).
  • Our wedding horse handler will also be dressed up in a traditional Indian attire to blend with the occasion.
  • We pride ourselves in providing wedding horses that are well trained for a festive Indian wedding. Our Indian wedding horses have been trained to be at ease to the sound of dhol, Bollywood band and excited baraatis.
  • If you have never gone on a horseback then do not worry.
  • We offer one day crash course exclusively for the grooms.
  • Your safety is the only concern to us.

Hire a Chariot : Write a fairy tale

  • Make no Compromises on your wedding day.
  • Arrive at the venue like a Prince charming on horse drawn chariot to pick your Cinderella.
  • Make your wedding day turn into a fairy tale event.
  • Our horse drawn carriage will arrive at your destination looking exactly as it appeared in your dreams, and we'll be ready to whisk you away!
  • We guarantee exclusive use of the horses and carriage on the day so you can relax and enjoy the moment without worrying we are rushing off to another location.
  • We are also proud to offer Horse, Horse chariot and photo shoot on horses as a package.
  • Stop hesitating and dial our numbers.
  • The horses are waiting for you!