Horse Rentals And Leasing and Livery (Horse/Pony)

Horse Rentals

  • Bangalore is the garden city of India. Discovering the villages on horse's back is something you cannot miss when you are in bangalore.
  • Rent a horse / horses for different occasions and have fun.
  • Be it a birthday, get-together, to propose a girl, impress your friends or anything for that matter, Zippy is always at your service with horses and horse chariots.
  • Zippy has horses / ponies for rent. Whether it’s for one day or for an entire season, we can accommodate all your horse rental needs.

Lease a Horse/ Horses

  • Don't know what to do in holidays ? Lease a Zippy horse!
  • When you lease a horse for a month, it becomes your horse for a month !
  • Be it horse riding lessons [ arena only], outdoor photo shoots or anything for that matter, we will be there to assist you.
  • Owning a horse as said by wise men, is just more than buying it, it’s a commitment that lives with you.
  • Zippy Horse Riding Academy now breaks the barrier of a lifetime commitment to you enjoying the ownership of the beautiful beast. We allow you lease the horse of your choice for a short term within the academy and the leased horse is reserved only for you and your family to be ridden during the course of the lease period.
  • Stabling and Livery vary on the terms of the owner and the academy, however, we try our best to help you live your dream of owning a horse.