Level 2- Introduction to competitive Riding – 15 Lessons

A program to enhance the Rider’s ability to learn the sport.


Riders who have passed the Level 1 test with a minimum score of 60% or have an equivalent certificate / skills of Level 1. The riders with an equivalent certificate / skills will have to give an assessment test of level 1 before signing up for the course.

Course Outline

This course is more of a preparation which is required for any kind of equestrian competitive sport in English Riding. The course begins with some fine tuning of the body posture, balance and handling of the horse. More focus is given to maintain the rhythm of the horse which is the base of the pyramid for any given equestrian sport. The rider is also exposed to different techniques which will help them in competitive riding.

Course outcome

After the completion of the course, the rider will be able to ride the horse in all three gaits in rhythm with appropriate biomechanics and good body balance. The rider will be eligible to sign up for dressage or Show jumping Course.