About Zippy Horse Riding Academy

Zippy Horse Riding Academy has been consistent and committed to our mission of creating a professional coaching center for horse riding academy, We are now looking forward to our visionary of expanding this Company to a new dimension. We have best trainers to train them in the professional way.

Zippy was started in the south of Bangalore because there was no horse riding facility over there. The vision of starting this facility was to uplift this sport, give an opportunity to all class of people to learn to ride and represent India across the globe. The Academy was started by two men who had a completely different vision, Abdul Rahman Shariff, and Dilip Kiran, along with the help of Pradeep and Abhilash.

These two men dream of making horse riding a popular sport and represent India on a global level. When asked, they said " We want to grow and make India proud. We want our students to represent India at a worldwide level. We also want to women to learn horse riding to be confident and housewives to learn horse riding to be fit. We dream about a day where people leave their homes and come out to enjoy the nature on these God made majestic creatures "

The pricing of the lessons is made keeping in mind that everyone gets to enjoy this sport. So, why are you wasting your time!! Pick up the phone and give Zippy a call for your lessons and bonding time with these amazing horses.

Mission and Vision

"To develop confident equestrians with right knowledge as the base

  • The Primary goal of Zippy is to introduce horse riding to men and women of all ages in the country as an hobby , competitive sport and as therapeutic riding Through lessons, clinics, trail riding, and special events, we try to give the much needed exposure as much as possible maintaining the peace and harmony between the riders and the horses.
  • To be recognized as boarding stables for horses and ponies we would love to be the reason for the happiness of the horse owners because owning a horse is the best feeling in the world.
  • To make sales of quality horses.
    To realise the dreams of the owners for pleasure and competitive riding.
  • Zippy will strive to be an overall positive influence in the lives of the people imparting them with life skills with horses ever serving as faithful object lessons, we will reinforce things learnt at home, school and work place such as honesty, integrity, discipline and hard work ethics